Using the Zen Cart with the Breeze Website Builder

Zen Shopping Cart

The Manage Zen Cart button may be disabled by default.  To enable it, go to Manage Users and Site Options.  Click on Change Site Options, check the box for Enable Zen Cart and click Submit.  Then click the Manage Zen Cart button and login in as:

User ID Password
manager man123

Go to Tools/Admin Settings.  Click the reset pwd button and change your password.

The Zen Cart provided with the Breeze Website Builder utilizes the top and bottom border areas from the Breeze Website Builder in the Zen Cart default template. To use the Zen Cart as part of your website, simply point your menu item or link to /shoppingcart/. The Zen Cart will automatically inherit the top and bottom border areas as you have set them up. Note: It uses top and bottom only and cannot be re-assigned to top1, bottom2, etc. (unless you modify html_header.php and tpl_main_page.php in the shoppingcart/includes/templates/template_default/common/ folder).

Note that all of the site styles defined in the Breeze Website Builder may or may not impact the look the cart. The Zen Cart includes its own style sheets under shoppingcart/includes/templates/template_default/css/ For custom styling, you may wish to view the source code on the cart page to discover various IDs and styles built into the page, then create sub classes in the class editor to gain control of styling in the Breeze style editor. One obvious thing your will want to change is the width of the Zen Cart area on the page. To change this in the BWB, add a style referencing an ID named #mainWrapper. Then simply use the BWB style editor to set the width.

You may also make the shopping cart your default page. To do this, simply move the entire Zen Cart file tree directly under the web root folder, and modify the configure.php files in the include folders. The configure.php files are located in shoppingcart/includes/ for the catalog, and shoppingcart/manage5678/includes/ for the cart management. The only collisions your will encounter is your home page index.php may be overwritten and the cart images folder may need to be merged with your site images folder (if you have configured the Breeze to place your site at web root.).

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