Thank you for signing up to download a template. At this point there are not that many templates, so select "All of the above" for the website type in step 1, and "Check All" for the category in step 2.  Note that certain page selections in step 3 will automatically install the appropriate plugin for that page, i.e. the "Calendar" page will be pre-configured with a grid calendar that auto-populates with events added using the events editor.  You must click on the template you like to proceed from step 4.  In step 5 you may optionally upload your logo, add your website title and tagline, and change background colors or images.  Review your choices in step 6 before proceeding.  Clicking "Next" in step 6 will build your template.  The screen will fill with information about the process.  You will need to scroll to the bottom to find the link to download your template.  Once you have downloaded your template, log into the Breeze Website Builder™ installed on your site, and click on the "Upload Template" button.  The template will be installed on your site in a matter of seconds.  Note: If you already have a working website built in the Breeze Website Builder™, be aware that your styles and so forth will be over-written, thus it would be very difficult to restore your site to the previous state.  Enjoy the Breeze Wizard™!
Best regards,
The Breeze Website Builder™ Team