Change Log


Fixed bad bug where $update_file was undefined during manual upgade.  If you need to do a manual update, unzip this this release and FTP install_update.php to the manage folder.  Then run manual updates according to the precedure.

Fixed bug where Preview under CONTENT/Edit Content was not show the latest edit in the editor.

Fixed bug where Show Content under PAGE MANAGEMENT/Restore Page was showing only the latest page versions regardless of the version being clicked on.



Improved plugins for Horizontal Scrolling Slideshow 2 with Overlays and Horizontal Scrolling Slideshow 2 with Transitioning Overlays to work with text as well as images, and to have links on images or in text.

Fixed bug with fresh install of Breeze going to home.php when it does not exist.

Eliminated bug of seeing spinner for all three Horizontal Scrolling Slideshow 2 plugins.

Adjusted transparency for previous and next buttons in all three Horizontal Scrolling Slideshow 2 plugins to be more transparent with mouse out.

Upgraded various modules to be PHP 8.0 compatible. Note: The file manager still does not work with PHP 8.0 as  of this version. Continue to use PHP 7.4 as the latest.



Added new plugins for Horizontal Scrolling Slideshow 2 with Overlays and Horizontal Scrolling Slideshow 2 with Transitioning Overlays. These slides shows work with images only with no links.



Added ability to de-activate or activate custom fonts. Note: To be fully functional, the page-template files need to be refreshed.

Added ability to handle numeric database fields to formmail.php module.



Fixed bug with not being able to set max-width, min-width, max-height or min-height !important attribute.



Added ability to edit and add records in the View Form Tables console. Added link to uploads in View Form Tables console if store_uploads_instead is set to 1 and also added display of thumbnail with link top popup image if upload is an image.



Added version and css_important_sql fields to plugin records. Modified Plugin SDK to acquire CSS !important attributes to aid in development of page-type plugins.  Added display of plugin version in Create Page and Install Plugin Into Page modules.

Improved mobile styles for Lightbox Gallery plugin.



Added ability to store advanced CSS as CSS or SQL into plugin record field for advanced CSS.  This update works in conjunction with the Plugin SDK to allow developers to simply paste CSS into the plugin record manager as an alternative to retrieving the SQL by using the button in the record manager.  This way the developer need not use the Breeze advanced CSS editor if they have no need to.

Added ability to expand and collapse mobile menus horizontally in addition to vertically.

Added ability to have second mobile menu which can be setup to expand and collapse either horizontally or vertically.



Added hidden input use_classic_required_field_marks to contact form and account create form to allow use of asterisks in place of or along with styled input borders for required fields.

Possible values:
0 = styled input borders only
1 = asterisks only
2 = styled input borders and asterisks

Fixed bug where opening editor for editing files throws error on first file edit because .save file is missing.  (Only showed under PHP 7.3 sometimes)

Fixed bug with highlighting last edited file when using file editor to edit files in sub folders.



Fixed various glitches with CSS editor.



Added field to plugins table for inserting cookie/sessions code into page.See the Developer's Guide for more information.

Set default login link in options to go to new default location of create_account_login.php.



Fixed bug with start and end times at midnight for events and calendars, and in the events manager console.

Fixed bug with location manager console under PHP 7.3.

Offloaded calender and events content code to included scripts.

Added blanking of redundant am/pm notation for start and end times in calendar.



Added ability to activate/deactivate any page with a single click under edit content select console.

Expanded triggering of site map generation to occur whenever pages are created, deleted or activated/deactivated to supplement site map generation upon changing menu items.

Added annotation of inactive pages in edit menu items, manage border areas, manage head code, insert plugin into page, delete page, and restore page consoles.

Added annotation of deleted pages in manage border areas, manage head code, and restore page consoles.



Rollup update.

Added hooks to form mail processor for custom solutions.



Re-designed parent/child plugin model such that style sheet and any special database tables need only be in the parent plugin record.  The parent feed was changed from a varchar to an integer and now links to the plugin ID rather than the plugin name.

Fixed am/pm bug that was occurring for start and end times of noon in events lists and calendar grids.



Improved interface and fixed bugs with font management console.



Added mini single-audio jPlayer plugin.

Added narrow multi-media jPlayer plugin.

Removed Flash MP3 players and Flash video player plugin.

Improved error handling in gallery plugin.

Fixed bugs introduced with Minify JS with editing JavaScript files.



Improved visual appearance of jPlayers in mobile view. Added graphics to allow switching to new Orange DJ skin. Added hook to switch CSS to Pink Flag skin.



Fixed bug with the new segmented list of style sheets omitting the last style sheet under the regular style sheets sections.

Fixed bug with the active class highlighting building up spaces and radix characters on the first class as a result of moving between classes and updating the CSS.

Converted the building of the class list from inline PHP to AJAX.

Adding handling of the scenario of having 2 or more sites with different page file directories and handling the forwarding from within the page-template layout file eliminating the need for a special index.php forwarding script.



Added ability to add multiple sites being editing and viewed one at a time with the a Breeze Website Builder installations.  Only one site is active at a time.  The other(s) would only be visible by the webmaster when editing. Note: You will need to "refresh" your page-template files by copying each page onto itself with the Discard old page template and create new checkbox checked to take advantage of this new feature.
The number of sites and the active site as set in a new configuration file name /connect/config_sites.php.  Subsequent websites must have their own config files under different connect folders such as /connect, /connect2, /connect3 etc. You may have as many folders the same or different as you want in the /connect/config.php and /connectX/config.php files.  You may also copy the database and use it by setting up the different connections in /connectX/db_connect.

Added ability to set default action when creating a new page and a page file exists. This is entirely possible when setup for multiple sites under one Breeze installation, and have page file folder set to same folder is both /connect/config.php and /connect2/confic.php.  Possible choices:

  1. Show error and abandon page creation
  2. Continue page creation and use existing page file
  3. Continue page creation and overwrite existing page file

Removed auto-increment from plugin id field in plugins table.  Adjustments were made to Breeze SDK to generate and use the next id field in code. This was done to resolve issue with updating plugins using the REPLACE command which was triggering the auto-increment and causes the ids to differ between plugins table and plugins_deployed table.

Fixed bug where creating new page with a plugin that was not yet deployed but uses the same style sheets as another plugin that is deployed, and creation overwrites existing styles with plugin defaults anyway.

Added code to automatically create default head in the event that it was inadvertently deleted.

Added code to automatically create any of the default border areas in the event that any border area was inadvertently deleted.

Added setting tel link to phone numbers and mailto link to emails in location includes for event and calendar pages.

Added use of website link text to location website links for event and calendar pages. Note: This updates will break the location popup.  You will need to recreate your calendar or event page if you are using one.

Fixed bug with defaults not loading 100% correctly with Edit Menu Parameters.

Fixed bug with fields not populating correctly in Edit Menu Styles.

Fixed bug with Edit Menu Styles not saving if letter spacing left blank.

Fixed bug with &37 displaying in calendar when a single quote is used in the event name or description.

Added grouping of style sheets in the edit-style-sheet select console: First group are normal style sheets. Second group are menu item style sheets for customizing menu items within a menu.  Third group are menu style sheets were should be editing using the Edit Menu Styles console and is only provided for expert use.

Added visual indication of which classes are in use in the CSS Editor "Go to" class dropdown.



Overhauled internals of Edit Menus (items) to eliminate bugs including trouble with adding second item below first.

Fixed bug with View Form Tables button not deploying after creating Contact/Mail Form or Account Create Form.



Modified create page to not insert page content divider  <!-- Page Content Divider --> if the plugin HTML content already has the divider in it to split the HTML content around it's own code content.



Revised help topic links throughout events/calendar/locations modules to match revised structure of Breeze help system.



Added simple device emulation (desktop, mobile or touchscreen) to load analogous style sheets for easier troubleshooting, particularly on tablets. Note: You will need to "refresh" your page-template files by copying each page onto itself with the Discard old page template and create new checkbox checked to take advantage of this new feature.

Fixed bug where installing non-OEM plugin "un-deploys" plugin.



Made reCAPTCHA v2 in contact and account create forms mobile friendly.

Fixed bug where advanced CSS was not being included in creation of style sheets if show_custom_css was set to 0.



Added functionality to Events Manager. This includes console for connection setup for site.

Moved "custom styles" from Edit Styles select console to a button on the Edit Styles "rainbow room" editor labeled Advanced Styles. Note that advanced style editing is only available to admin users for any style sheet, or power users when for specified style sheets.  The ability to add classes is also only available to admin users for all style sheets or power users for specified style sheets.

Added enumeration of style sheet type with color highlighting to distinguish between desktop, mobile and touchscreen style sheets.  This is intended to help eliminate accidentally editing styles for the wrong target device.

Fixed bug with image uploader in the styles editor not working in Chrome.



Complete overhaul of Location Manager.

Added Private to Events Manager.



Replaced calender and events grid plugins with completely revamped calender and events grid plugins that utilize locations, and provide much expanded capability for adding repeating events, copying events, managing locations, and locating events by either the use of a calendar or via search.

To upgrade to the new calendar or events grids, you must create a new calendar or events grid page selecting either Calendar Grid v2 or Events Grid v2.  Once you do this the Edit Schedule button will be removed from the main menu. Note that all of the existing events will be copied from the the v1 schedule table to the v2 events table upon upgrading from Breeze version 6.6.55 to 6.5.60.  Note that the new calender/event styles will not be deployed unless you first recall the old calender and/or events plugin(s). If you have extensive custom styling to your calender on events grid, it is recommended that you backup your calender.css file and take a screen shot for reference.

Fixed major bug with styles not deploying for the following plugins:

  • Mail Contact Form
  • Account Create Form and associated forms
  • Both v1 and v2 of the Horizontal Scrolling Slideshow
  • All three jPayers
  • Blog



View Form Tables (new plugin console)

Added table viewer to view tables created by mail forms.

If you already have contact forms and account create forms deployed and you want to use this feature, run this SQL under the Run SQL section:

INSERT INTO `bwb_plugins_deployed` (`plugin_id`, `deployed`) VALUES ('83', '1');

Then refresh your browser and the View Form Tables button will appear under SITE MANAGEMENT. If you have not deployed any contact forms or account create forms, this button will appear the first time you deploy either one of those plugins.

Session Timeout Handling

Added automation to take webmaster back to last console working in upon session timeout and re-login.

Added scheduled session-timeout checking to notify webmaster if no longer logged in and need to log back in. Upon logging back in, automation is used to bring webmaster back to console they were working in.

Popup Message Class

Added ability to position with right and bottom offsets. Right and/or bottom offsets override left and/or top offsets. Right and/or bottom offsets are cleared upon hiding popup.



CSS Editor

Broke out min/max width and min/max height to be independently settable for any class.

Menu Params Editor

Added transitions for sub menus independently configurable for sub level 1 and level 2.



Added hook to run post-update operations if needed. This will illuminate tedious manual manipulation which would otherwise be necessary in version 6.5.50 soon to be released.



CSS Editor

Added auto to width, height, top, bottom, left and right.
Added box-sizing.
Added length and length units to vertical-align.
Added align-content, align-items and align-self.
Added inherit and initial to vertical-align.

Menu Styles Editor

Added text-transform.

Notible field name changes

Changed CSS field from align to text_align to match actual CSS term.
Changed CSS field from shadow to text_shadow to match actual CSS term.



Added Horizontal Scrolling Slideshow v2. Horizontal Scrolling Slideshow using jQuery Cycle version 1Horizontal Scrolling Slideshow v2 uses jQuery Cycle version 2. Note that the pause/resume buttons do not work in version 1, but they do in version 2. Version 2 has many more features which may be implemented in the future.

Fixed bug with renaming pages and manually entering .php as part of the name and getting mypage.php.php

Fixed bug with adding plugins to pages and not having Mobile Styles added to the mobile style sheet description.

Added addition of touchscreen style sheets upon creating page with plugin, or adding plugin to a page.

Added WYSIWYG editing for Edit File if editing HTML pages.



Fixed bug of not being able to mouse onto sub menus if either sub menu separated from parent-level menu by space, or sub-menus items separated by space.

Fixed page-template layout file to not have missing table row if no header is selected and table structures are being used.



Added modified timestamp field (in addition to created) to tables created with mail-form processor module.

Added both modified and created timestamp fields to users table.

Fixed bug with Manage Custom Border Areas console showing header and footer assignments as options even though the page-layout template does not have header or footer.



Added ability to add plugin buttons to all page/code editors including page, border area, head, custom CSS and file editors. Be sure to download the latest Plugin SDK. You can download it here. For more information on creating plugins, click here.



Upgraded CKEditor from version 4.4.6 to version 4.9.2.

Added options for CKEditor skin selection. Current selection is between breeze skin (default made up of combination of kama, an old CKEditor version 3 skin and moona-lisa), kama skin (current CKEditor default skin), and moona-lisa skin. Let us know if there is a particular skin you prefer and we will add it.

Added Back to Select button to Edit Head console.

Fixed bug with file editor not resizing when window was resized.



Added SITE MANAGEMENT/Minify Files console to allow minification of any JavaScript file in the scripts folder, or all of the CSS files.

Added page attribute under PAGE MANAGEMENT/Manage Page Attributes to turn on Minify All Content on the Fly for any page selectable by the page (excluding the minification of JavaScript and CSS files that are handled in the console mentioned above). Note: You will need to "refresh" your page-template files by copying each page onto itself with the Discard old page template and create new checkbox checked to take advantage of this new feature.

Added new options to SITE MANAGEMENT/Change Site Options to Minify JavaScript on Save and Minify CSS on Save.

Modified Breeze copyright include to be more compact, to use the Breeze CSS editor instead of an inline style sheet, and to not include any JavaScript.

Fixed bug where when mail form, account create form, or any other account form was opened in design view, formatting would get messed up due to CKEditor removing <br /> s.

Fixed bug introduced thru new browser security updates where using password generator would yield "Your password is blank or does not match the confirmation password..." error.

Fixed bug where password generator would generate passwords shorted that minimum required.



Revised run_sql.php to look for and switch automatically to SELECT query mode if SELECT is found at the beginning of the SQL command.This allows for running a SELECT query under SITE MANAGEMENT/Run SQL and having the data displayed.



Modified page-template layout file to setup links to font styles sheets that have URL font sources. Note: You will need to "refresh" your page-template files by copying each page onto itself with the Discard old page template and create new checkbox checked to take advantage of this new feature.

Modified Edit Styles, Edit Menu Styles and Manage Fonts consoles to use same font.css file that site uses such that custom fonts with non-blank sources are displayed correctly.

Improved text box background and foreground color handling to be more user friendly.

Added back button after running SQL under the admin functions to take the user back to the SQL input screen.  Also added session timeout such that logging in again is not required unless the timeout from the last SQL run has occurred.

Improved message display of run SQL process.



Added custom-built font select lists that display the fonts in the font faces they represent in Edit CSS and Edit Menu Styles.

Added colorization of all color edit boxes in Edit CSS and Edit Menu Styles

Added additional Update buttons to top of Edit CSS and Edit Menu Styles.

Overhauled font manager to display all fonts in table form and allow adding, deleting and editing.



Added standard HTML elements to list for creating now sub classes if selected style sheet is not site, browser_reset, or their mobile or touchscreen equivalents.

Fixed bug where no touchscreen style sheets exist and pages loads both desktop and mobile style sheets. Note: You will need to "refresh" your page-template files by copying each page onto itself with the Discard old page template and create new checkbox checked to fix the bug.

Fixed bug in page-template layout file where path to scripts folder and lib folder were not correct if BWB_BASE_DIR and BWB_WEBPAGE_DIR are not blank.

Fixed update installer to put web page scripts an library functions in correct folders when they are not set to the defaults.

Modified horizontal-scrolling slideshow to have slide image dimensions in style sheet rather than in HTML.  Also moved last little bit of inline styles to scrolling_slideshow.css style sheet.

Modified the way the webpage lib directory (typically set as "php") to allow being moved under the base website directory if so desired to have the site under a sub directory.

Revised is_mobile.php script to reload the page under the condition that is_mobile is false and touchscreen has been detected.



Added ability to set sublevel 1 and sublevel 2 block borders independently of each other. Note: Previously-created menus usisg block borders will not have block-border attributes populate the Edit Menu Styles console.Contact us if you need assistance upgrading.

Fixed bug of top-level block border translating down to sublevel block borders.

Fixed bug of Edit Menu Parameters not always saving.

Fixed bug of mobile menus not completely hiding under some circumstances when close-menu button was clicked.



Special note: To take advantage of the new features in this update you will need to "refresh" your page-template files by copying each page onto itself with the Discard old page template and create new checkbox checked.

Special note: If BWB_LIB_DIR is not defined in the config.php file, new pages will not work. This define was added years ago, thus at this point the fallback code should no longer be needed by the page-template layout files.

Modified page-template layout file to more gracefully default to desktop (default) style sheets if no mobile style sheet exist or is blank.

Added ability to detect touchscreen device to page-template layout file.  Page-template layout files will now look for is_touchscreen session var, and in not found, set the is_touchscreen session var. Touchscreen styles and menus will load if available.

Added third menu class for desktop (not mobile) touchscreen devices.  This touchscreen menu group allows one to create desktop-like menus for tablets and bigger devices, but with consideration for touchscreen devices such as not relying on mouse-over event to display sub items and so on.

Added intelligence to style sheet selection to select desktop style sheets for everything but menu style sheets, and touchscreen menu style sheets if they exist.

Widened buttons to allow longer text on some consoles.

Added Copy to Rename Style Sheet under Manage Style Sheet Attributes making it Rename/Copy Style Sheet.

Removed old code from Add Style Sheet, Delete Style Sheet and Rename Style Sheet dealing with CSS tables which have since been consolidated into 2.

Revamped Copy Style Sheet to Mobile to allow copying style sheets from desktop, mobile or touchscreen to desktop, mobile or touchscreen as long as the destination is not the same as the source, i.e. desktop can only be copied to mobile or touchscreen.  The revamped console is titled Copy Style Sheet Between Desktop/Mobile/Touchscreen.

Modified Add Style Sheet under Manage Style Sheet Attributes to include Touchscreen.  Options are now Desktop, Mobile, Touchscreen and All.



Fixed bug with Omit Adjacent Borders not properly detecting horizontal vs. vertical menus and omitting right border instead of bottom border for vertical menus. Bug introduced with a change in how vertical menus are displayed in CSS causing detection to fail.

Added ability of Omit Adjacent Borders on sub levels to omit right border instead of bottom border for horizontal sub menus.

Fixed bug with text wrapping inside of super long plugin select buttons on Create Page.  Bug with recently introduced by specifying button text width to address another issue with the SDK.



Added ability to copy a menu pair (desktop and mobile) to a new menu or an existing menu.

Added ability to copy desktop menu items to the corresponding mobile menu items.



Adding filtering out of Custom Fonts Styles under Edit Styles, Copy Style Sheet to Mobile, Manage Style Sheet Attributes and Add/Delete Custom Style as this style sheet is creating in a completely different CSS builder specialized for fonts and thus would be destroyed by modifying in the CSS editor, would not benefit from having attributes altered, and has no need to be different between mobile and desktop viewing.

Added deployment of custom fonts during upload of template.



Added Special Pages parent-category to plugin categories for plugins that provide quick setup of specialty pages.  The first page in this category is the Partners Links Page with is bundled with the Portfolio plugin.  See Plugins for more details.



Fixed bug where Text Alignment setting had no effect under Edit Menu Parameters for menu items with no links. (Used in mobile menus that need to display sub level items.)



Added value of 'sticky' to display attribute.

Added quick-setup button to set header as 'sticky'.



Fixed bug with quick setup actions where if no record existed for particular class, setup would fail.  This bug was introduced when build_sql_string.php was overhauled to take field array in place of specifying each field. This affects Load Browser Reset CSS, Setup for Centered Pages and Setup for Sticky Footer.



Fixed problem with page template file where path to scripts folder was not being properly set when placing web pages and/or having to the root to all other content folders set to anything other than web root.

Added style-hook class to every page to allow style overrides based on page name.  Class is added to body element as pagename_body.

Added ability for users and power users to change their password or update their account information. Added ability for everybody to change their password after a password reset.

Made temporary password truly temporary by updating user's actual password only upon successful login with temporary password.

Added message after logging in with temporary password instruction to change temporary password.

Made temporary password truly temporary for public users as well by updating user's actual password only upon successful login with temporary password.



Added hidden-field switch set_reply_to_as_email to contact form processor to aid responding to form requests by putting user's email in for the reply-to address.

Added annotation to Manage Important CSS console showing current class with description and style sheet that is being managed.



Fixed minor bug with down state of top-level menu item color not working if page had never been visited before. Note: Problem not present in all browsers because the act of going to a page some will mark it as visited upon first visit in some browsers. Other browsers don't update until the next visit or window refresh.



Fixed bug in both Create Page and Install Plugin Into Page where selecting any sub category after a main category that has no sub categories or plugins would expand the following sub category instead of the one being clicked on.



Modified menu generator to identify down states on menu items even if GET params are included in the link.

Added CSS hooks to events table for settings colors of A and B alternating rows.

Replaced all hard-coded styles and HTML-table attributes with CSS hooks with pre-loaded default CSS in events and calendar styles.

Added pre-loaded default mobile events table and calendar grid styles.

Modified page-template layout file to correctly acquire page name if SEF URLs are turned on and GET parameters are passed in the page URL. (Note: To implement this fix on an existing site, the page-template layout file must be "refreshed".)

Fixed both the events table and the calendar grid to be able to acquire the passed GET parameters in the page URL when SEF URLs are being used.

Revised both events table and calendar grid to use the current built-in $userid in the page-template layout file instead of $UserID which was replaced a while back.



Fixed issues with mobile jPayer styles for repeat and shuffle button down states.



Added mobile styles to all 3 jPlayer plugins.

Fixed bug with recall plugin not removing plugin styles when there are no plugins deployed that are using the same style sheet.



Added ability to specify base z-index for menus. Changed default from 2 to 100.



Added ability to turn on or off text shadow in the menu styles editor for any of normal, hover and down states independently selectable in all 3 levels.



Added ability to specify down state of top-level menu item and all of its children when any of its children are down.  This is particularly useful because the normal behavior of child menu items is to only display on mouse over.  Then only other way to display them on mouse out was to set a setting to show all sub-level items all of the time. With this new feature only the tree branch of items with a page that is selected will be expanded regardless of mouse position.  This becomes increasingly more important with mobile devices.

Added the full-compliment of background gradient capability to the Styles Editor including linear vs. radial, gradient angle, repeating gradients and opacity for up to 8 colors.

Added the full-compliment of background gradient capability to the Menu Styles Editor including linear vs. radial, gradient angle, repeating gradients and opacity for up to 4 color for all 3 menu levels and all states including normal, hover, down and active.

Relocated many menu styles from the anchor tag <a> to the parent list-item tag <li> to improve the behavior of how styles are inherited amongst top level and sub level items.  NOTE: This upgrade is NOT 100% backward compatible with old menu styles.  The menu will however remain unchanged after upgrading, but some of the styles will not load into the menu styles editor.  Thus editing pre-existing menus will cause some styles to be lost and will therefore need to be recreated.

Added ability to set sub level 1 and 2 menus to horizontal layout. This is independently selectable, i.e. sub 1 horizontal, sub 2 vertical, vice versa, both horizontal or both vertical.

Made sub level 1 and 2 menu positioning independently selectable.



Added annotation to paging of users under Manage Page Access & Users including start and end records indices being displayed, total number of user records, and page number and total page count.

Added display and edit counsel to Approve Access to Users section of Manage Page Access & Users upon click on row to display and edit all information about that user.

Revised PopupMsg class to include HidePopupMsg as part of the class rather than as a standalone function.



Isolated normal top-level menu states from styling done to <a> tags globally.



Adjusted IP fields to be compatible with IPv6 addresses.

Fixed bug with setting fixed-width horizontal menus to a percentage not working.

Fixed bug with text shadow hover state not translating to down-hover state when Hover on Down is selected.

Removed blank last-child CSS from menu style sheet if Omit Adjacent Borders is not selected.



Fixed bug with submit button missing from user's reset password form.

On both user side with account created pages and in Breeze Website Builder backend: Changed password input to type password.  Added icon to show/hide password.  Change generate password button to small icon.

Fixed bug with child pages of a parent plugin not getting page template layout set after the first child.



Added ability to set !important; directive to CSS attributes in new Manage Important CSS Attributes console.

Fixed bug with CSS editor not retaining settings for overflow, overflow-x, overflow-y and clear.

Modified behavior of font weight to set to normal if Normal is selected instead of leaving not specified.  To leave not specified, one must leave as (or select) -not selected-.

Custom Fonts: Fixed issue with custom fonts selection of -not selected- not clearing stretch, style and weight under Delete Font area.

Custom Fonts: Added default selection of -not selected- to stretch, style and weight drop down lists such that Normal has to be explicitly selected to set these parameters to normal.

Custom Fonts: Modified to add fonts style sheet in style sheet list if missing upon adding new custom fonts.



Fixed bug with hover and visited font colors not always working for down state.

Fixed bug with hover and visited text shadow colors not always working for down state.



Fixed bug in menu items editor where selecting page on new items added to the bottom of the list or the very first item caused console HTML to become corrupted and unintelligible.

Fixed bug in menu items editor where text "enter frame name" does not disappear on existing items when clicking into the named-target window. (Worked fine for newly added items only.)



Fixed bug with horizontal fixed-width menu setting not saving for new menu.

Added line break in contact form above form instructions.

Fixed bug with menu hover-down text colors not being correct.

Fixed bug with hover-on-down item border color not saving for sub levels.

Revised default colors to be more uniform.



Re-structured plugin table into two tables: plugins which has only read-only records, and plugins_deployed with contains the deployed bit that is written whenever a plugin is deployed or recalled.

Added Console Only plugin category to allow for console-only plugins that cannot be deployed by adding to a page.  Console Only plugins are immediately deployed upon installation.



Overhauled contact, account create, login and password change forms for mobile/responsive readiness out-of-the-box, as well as JavaScript form checking all most required fields, automatic required highlighting based on required fields list, bug fixes to login form and change password form, removal of deprecated HTML, addition of starter intro text, ability to handle option buttons and checkboxes as required fields, and fallback mode to HTML submit button if JavaScript is disabled for all but login form.

Flexibility and security enhancement.



Fixed bug with CSS editor not populating class attributes to default when selecting from "Go To" dropdown list for which no CSS record exists yet.

Fixed bug with flex-grow and flex-shrink appearing in style sheet event though their values are officially not set.



Restored lost ability to set width of fixed-width horizontal menus.

Added fixed positioning in addition to existing absolute and relative positioning in menu parameters console.

Added new attributes to CSS editor including:

flex and inline-flex properties to display attribute

Fixed bug with NULL fields in CSS table causing CSS editor to fail on populate.

Fixed bugs with fields in CSS editor coming up in indeterminate states for fields that have not been saved properly.



Improved loading speed of photo gallery console for sites containing many gallery images.



Fixed problem with ambiguity of where top-level width and height were being stored. The menu parameters was reading from width and line height ul.navX>li, but there were being saved to .top_level_aX, thus they were not coming up correctly. NOTE: This bug fix will impact further editing menus that had been setup using versions of the Breeze before this fix.

Top level padding was being read from ul.navX>li, but it was being saved to this and .top_level_aX which was generating ambiguous CSS.

Fixed bug with copying menu style sheet to mobile before mobile menu has been created and not being able to edit mobile menu because it is not in the list.

Fixed bug with sorting style sheets alphabetically not completely making this list alphabetical. (Problem was more complicated than you can imagine.)

Added ability to sort style sheets alphabetically in the copy-CSS-to-mobile console and the class editor console.

Alphabetized list of menus throughout all menu editing consoles.

Fixed bug with menu generator script looking at ul.navX>li only and not looking at .top_level_aX for menu items width, and ul.navX li>ul only and not looking at .sub_level_1_aX when proportional menu item width is selected to match new menu system changes.



Change restricted page editing from by the page for all restricted users to pages assigned to restricted users.

Added control for blog editing to pages to be same as above change for restricted users.

Modified Edit Blog Select console to show only pages that a particular blogger is allowed to blog to, and made numerous user-interface improvements.

Modified create blog module to use users name instead of user ID if it exists.

NOTE: The restricted field in the page_data table has been removed as this is now handled as a pages field in the users table.  If you are using restricted users to pages, you will need to note which pages your restricted users were using before the upgrade.



Added background:rgba; attribute to CSS editor.

Improved opacity settings in CSS menu styles editor to be completely independently selectable by level and to leave the text as fully opaque.

Added hover and down states to all font specifications on all three levels except font family in CSS menu styles editor.

Added hover, down and active color selections to box shadow in CSS menu styles editor.

Added ability to use hover colors for hover down states in CSS menu styles editor to allow creation of menus that do not have any appearance of having down states.

NOTE: The JS menu system has been removed in this release.



Major overhaul to CSS menu editing system: Added down states as well as ability to set color independently for text, background and border for top, sub 1 and sub 2 levels. Also added independent control of width and padding for sub levels 1 and 2.  Added border radius and menu item spacing for all 3 levels. Added block shadow to menu items.  Note: This upgrade will require re-saving CSS menu parameters and styles to bring back font specs to menus items that are linked to the current page due to changes in the menu generator script to allow full control of down states.  Note: This update is a relatively major change.  Not only will it require re-saving CSS menu parameters and styles to setup down states (even if they are not any different than normal state which is how most websites are setup), but some styles may be latched and not changeable thru the new CSS menu editing system.  You may need to clear old styles using the regular CSS editor.  This will require a high degree of understanding of CSS.  If you need to do this, feel free to contact our support department for assistance.  Note: The easiest way to get the down states setup is to use the class editor to copy all list item <li> and anchor <a> tags to their corresponding down class, i.e. copy:

.top_level_li1 menu1_item1_li


.top_level_li_down1 menu1_item1_li





Moved custom fonts to its own style sheet.  This eliminates having custom fonts defined at the top of every style sheet which throws errors in some browsers.

Added ability to sort style sheets alphabetically.

Added ability to specify shadow offsets and blurs to a fraction of a pixel.

Fixed bug with the checkbox to show all classes, not just custom under copy/rename class.

Fixed bug with menu items editor where it usually to two clicks to operate any control when working with an item that had been added anytime during the session.  Also fixed problems with newly typed data getting erased when adding new items or changing the order.

Fixed bug of color picker scrolling CSS editor and CSS menu styles editor to top.



Improved Calendar Grid plugin by replacing inline styles with class hooks and adding new classes and CSS to calendar/events style sheet.  Mobile calendar styles are now included with default installation of calendar grid plugin.

Added style sheets to Lightbox Photo Gallery to aid in making photo gallery mobile friendly.

Fixed some issues with default page names in hidden fields not matching names used when creating parent of Account Creation Form for including all child plugins.

Fixed bug with page Save As not working after existing page is found, then delete existing page in new session and trying again.

Fixed bug with inadvertently creating blank styles by disabling Update button unless goto class is not blank.

Added ability to set sort order of style sheets under Manage Style Sheet Attributes.

Split browser reset CSS into its own style sheet and set it to load first by default.

Added checkbox under copy/rename class to show all classes, not just custom.

Fixed bug with missing classes for CSS menus in creating new CSS menus.

Added ability to include or omit adjacent borders with CSS menu items.



Added default option to create all plugin pages when creating a page utilizing a parent plugin with children. Organized plugins with parent-child relationship where applicable. Added contact/account create form return page child plugins.

Added AJAX page name checking to create page select module.

Added <!-- Page Content Divider --> comment as default insertion into creating of border areas, head content and page content with plugins.

Fixed bugs with Save As not identifying existence of page, border area, head or file when editing any of these things.

Added AJAX-like error handling to Copy or Rename Page when trying to rename a page to an existing page.

Added ability to install plugin bundled in template .tgz file.

Fixed bug with copy styles to mobile where menus styles where being copied to mobile item styles instead of item styles. (1/25/2017)

Fixed bug with body onload function not being copied on page save as or copy page.

Fixed bug with line height units getting truncated to integer upon re-loading a class with units set to Multiplier.

Fixed bug with max-width units only working for pixels.



Revised install to cleanup install files automatically and to automatically log into the Breeze when done.

Added script for hamburger-icon mobile menu handling.  Click here for more information on hamburger mobile menus.



Consolidated all classes tables into site_classes. Consolidated all CSS tables into site_css.  Consolidated all menu items tables into menu_items.



Added style sheet manager which allows setting of @ rules as "attributes" to style sheets, and the creation, deletion and renaming of custom style sheets.

Added ability to set both min and max widths and heights is CSS editor.

Revised Add Another ____ Border Area to have option to use list of pages for naming, and to set name of border area to _____page_name where _____ is the border are type (header, top, left, right, bottom or footer).  Consolidated individual add border area buttons into just one with option buttons for header, top, left, right, bottom and footer.  Button text now says Add Another Border Area.

Revised Add Another Head Content to have option to use list of pages for naming, and to set name of head to head_page_name.

Re-organized menu to put manage head content and console for edit head select.  Renamed Edit Head Code to Manage Head Code.  What was Manage Head Code is now Manage Custom Head Code and button is now located in Manage Head Code (formerly Edit Head Code).

Added mega-menu capability to menu system.

Revised file loader for file editor to check file dates of published file vs. draft file and to use the published file in favor of the draft file if it is newer.

Added ability to split custom site CSS around regular button-and-knobs CSS by inserting delimiter comment in custom styles.  Click here for more information.

Added retention of decimal points to length parameters in CSS editor where length unit is percent ( % ).

Fixed bug with copy class where copy class name link ( >> ) link did not enable copy class button.

Fixed bug with copying custom site styles to mobile if custom styles contained a single quote ( ' );

Added "back" button to page/custom CSS/file editor console, and to copy-style-sheets-to-mobile console.

Added sorting of style sheet list alphabetically in all areas.

Added custom CSS styles as part of plugin record.  Custom styles are now available for editing for any style sheet that is loaded as part of a plugin, or any style sheet created in the style sheet manager.



Fixed bug with backup not including SQL dump if database password contained special characters such as a parentheses "(".

Added alpha versions of 63 languages.  Please provide feedback on our bug report page.



Fixed bugs with installing templates if template has menu 3 or 4 and menu 3 and 4 have not been created, and if template has slash with plugin, but plugin was not yet deployed.

Fixed bug with using default footer with custom footer when that attribute was turned on.  Note: To make this feature work on existing pages created prior to version 6.1.34, you will need to refresh your page template files.

Modified CSS menu editor to set link CSS to include display = block to cause clickable area to extend to full size of button instead of just text.



Modified plugin installation to allow for possibility that extraction of plugin zip file will create some base folder that is not part of the Breeze Website Builder™ tree, but rather is simply some folder to setup the file tree.  This is more typical of zipping programs.  Furthermore, the new Plugin SDK plugin zips the files this way.

Modified form mail processor to not redirect if redirect is blank.  Otherwise, form mail processor would keep calling itself in a loop.  This allows for AJAX posting of mail/contact forms.

Changed download link shown at end of backup routine to download button.

Fixed bug with certain operations such as installing a template where the custom class removal routine would fail if a style sheet was listed in the style sheets list table, but the class table did not exist.



Added ability to specify image resizing in mail form processor. Click here for more information on reserved hidden fields.

Minor cleanup of many plugins.

Added ability to recursively create and browse through sub directories is Edit File Select module.
Note: You have have to add the following to your connect/config.php file if your Breeze installation was installed over a year ago:

// *** Library Folder ***
// Cannot be empty.
define('BWB_LIB_DIR', 'php');

// *** Fonts Folder ***
// Cannot be empty.
define('BWB_FONTS_DIR', 'fonts');



Modified restore to function empty image, media and page folders, and added checkbox to override in case user wants to merge restore to current images and media.

Increased memory limit for backup and upload size for restore.

Fixed bug of help button missing (after a previous update) in upper right corner of Breeze™ Website Builder.



Fixed backup/restore for Breeze installations running in PHP versions 5.5 and later.

Note: The archive class has been dumped in favor of the PharData class.  Thus old template .tgz files will not work on versions of Breeze older than 6.1.30.



Modified edit CSS select to use user-defined menu descriptions as part of menu item CSS descriptions as well.

Fixed bug with form-mail processor not being able to send attachments on servers running PHP version 5.5 or later.

Added ability to specify allowed file types to be uploaded or emailed thru form-mail processor.

Added additional parameter controls in form-mail processor. Click here for more information.



Added PHP ini directives to mail-form processor to allow uploading of very large images.

Added checking to class copying for enabling Copy button when selecting a different style sheet to copy to.

Improved algorithm in plugin installation for checking for minimum border area requirements vs. page-template layout with checking for header and footer areas as well as improved layout selection to more closely match desired layout.

Revised plugin classes and CSS deployment to allow for mobile styles.

Note: This release includes SQL correction in update package to fix duplicate plugin records in plugin table caused by last few releases.

Modified contact mail-form processor to ensure that uploaded files do not overwrite existing files.



Fixed critical bug with mail forms CSS table not creating properly on mail form or account create plugin deployment.

Added class in mail-form styles and hook in CAPTCHA library includes to allow sizing of Mollom CAPTCHA image.  This class can be used in mail-form mobile style sheet to make the Mollow CAPTCHA mobile friendly.



Modified Manage Page Attributes consoles to enforce that function calls are of the form My_Function(); or My_Function('My Literal String'); instead of just My_Function.  This also comes with a new page template layout file. Note: Your old pages will continue to work as they always have, but if you want to change the function in Call Body OnLoad Function, you will need to refresh the page template layout file. For more information on refreshing page-template layout files, click here. Alternatively, you can change line 463 of your page files from:

<body<?php if ($body_onload == 1) echo " onLoad='" . $body_onload_function . "();'"; if ($template == "basic") echo " class='basic'"; ?>>


<body<?php if ($body_onload == 1) echo " onLoad='" . $body_onload_function . "'"; if ($template == "basic") echo " class='basic'"; ?>>

Fixed bug with bottom margin units not saving in CSS editor.

Fixed bug with bottom and left padding units not saving in CSS Menu Parameters editor.

Changed error message for assigning both head and border areas where no changes is being made because already assigned from error message to "already assigned" message.

Fixed refresh button in CSS preview.

Fixed bug in file editor when clicking "Revert" causing "Draft not found" to appear at the top of the page.

Added warning about required level of expertise for editing menu CSS in the CSS editor.

Added lockout in the options for copying desktop styles over mobile styles.

Added lockout in the options for clearing all custom CSS classes.

Added copy-class button to copy/rename class is class editor as speed tool when working with classes.

Added view of pages that border areas are assigned to in Manage Menu Assignments.



Modified page template layout file to have many more choices is layouts without the need to use styles to hide border areas and so forth.  Note: Setting header or footer to blank will no longer cause the page to non load the header or footer. It will load the blank and whatever code is inserted into the page. Note: Your old pages will continue to work as they always have, but if you want to change the page layout, you will need to refresh the page template layout file. For more information on refreshing page-template layout files, click here.

Added ability to switch between desktop style sheets and mobile style sheet when using page editor in design view. Note: Previous versions used all style sheets which could be particularly annoying after setting up mobile styles.

Added warning and trap for inadvertently trying to create class/ID with blank name.

Locked out browsing of Breeze Website Builder™ folders in file manager.

Fixed bug with uploading favicon giving fatal error. (Introduced with language file addition.)

Fixed bug with miss-typed phone numbers in mail form causing record to not save.

Fixed bug where you could create a new head with the same name as an existing head.

Added trapping of single quotes to both Edit Page Titles and Edit Meta Tags.

Fixed bug with Generate Site Map when using SEF-URLs.

Added switch to have mail-form processor keep uploaded files or server rather than email them.  This is particularly useful right now as the ability to email files is still broke for PHP versions 5.5 and later.  Also added ability to specify upload path. Click here for more information.

Added ability to switch to storing data replacing single quotes with HTML ampersand code of &#39; intsead of back-slash escaping in mail form processor.  Add hidden field replace_single_quotes to forms and set value to 1 to accomplish this.

Resolved conflict with CSS associated with ID of login button on login form and login link in login/logout links embeded in pages. login_div_btn and login_btn_txt were used for both.  The IDs for button on the login form have been changed to login_div_button and login_button_txt to isolate them from the login/logout links.

Resolved conflict with CSS associated with ID of account-create button on account create form and account-create link in login/logout links embeded in pages. create_acct_div_btn and create_acct_btn_txt were used for both.  The IDs for button on the account-create form have been changed to create_acct_div_button and create_acct_button_txt to isolate them from the login/logout links.



Fixed bug with left side button groups getting locked up. Symptoms also included vertical scroll bar appearing along buttons.

Changed menu generator to not have link for menu item if URL is blank.  This allows for use of sub menu items on touch screen devices by providing a button whose sole purpose is to expand the sub menus for display.

Fixed bug with Copy Style Sheet to Mobile failing when mobile style sheet did not already exist.



Fixed bug with Manage Page Attributes where going into console with page pre-selected, not re-selecting that page, making changes and changes not saving.

Improved flow of Install Update by having Breeze return to Install Update without having to log in again if running subsequent updates.  Also changed to stop on Dashboard if last update or all updates complete rather than go back to Install Update console.

Also added return to console for Change Site Options (if changing Wizard settings) and Install Plugin.  Added auto-login to Install Plugin on subsequent  plugins if installing more than one plugin.

Added update-on-fly to thumbnails (provided save not pending) in Manage Gallery when changing thumbnail width or height, or preserver aspect ratio.



Upgraded audio and video jPlayer plugins to work better with multiple players on the same page.  Click here to find out more about using multiple instances of the jPlayer plugin.

Fixed bug with menu_gen.php throwing error on mobile devices.



Added change password success message to change password plugin.

Revamped all mail form and user account access plugins to use JavaScript include files instead of inline JavaScript.  Also includes new class for mail_form style sheet.

Turned off auto-complete on all non-masked password input fields on user access forms.

Fixed bug with file save as throwing error.

Fixed bug with no file selected in contact mail form causing formmail.php to crash.

Note: OnShowPasswordReset() was moved from head of login page to acct_mgmt_custom.js. If you have custom code in acct_mgmt_custom.js you will need to restore this file after the update.



Fixed bug with Add User Login Fields to Table in Manage Page Access not working depending on error level settings in PHP for PDO library.

Added error checking to save restrict page access to look for assignment of user table and login page.

Added info links about user table and login page in Restrict Page Access.

Added checking for minimal fields to determine if table is actually a user access table.  Also added ranking to determine if all of the fields are included for restricted page access to work.  Those tables that are not completely prepared are shown in red.  Hitting the same button in Restrict Page Access will automatically add the missing fields.

Revamped Edit CSS to show -not set- for any text fields that would have a number representing an unused/off state such as -1, -1000000 or 0 (depending on CSS attribute and what would indicate a non-working condition).  The -not set- text disappears upon clicking on the field and the text color changes from grey to black.  Clearing the field with re-enter -not set- in the grey text upon blur.

Fixed bug with deleting file, then re-creating file, and old file cache is pulled into file editor.

Fixed bug with menu width in Edit CSS Menu Parameters not saving for horizontal (fixed-width) menus.

Fixed bug with menu offsets in Edit CSS Menu Parameters  not saving if new menu.

Revamped Edit CSS Menu Parameters, Edit CSS Menu Styles, and Edit JS Menu Styles to show -not set- for any text fields that would have a number representing an unused/off state such as -1, -1000000 or 0 (depending on CSS attribute and what would indicate a non-working condition).  The -not set- text disappears upon clicking on the field and the text color changes from grey to black.  Clearing the field with re-enter -not set- in the grey text upon blur.



Added recreation of CSS file upon changing order of classes.

Fixed bug with margin-bottom and margin-left auto checkboxes being positions under incorrect margin input boxes.

Upgraded Pear modules in file manager to fix bugs with running with SQLIte library 3.8.x and later.



Added file attachment capability to mail form. Note: File attachment capability is very limited.  Although you can attach as many files as you want, this feature is broken in PHP version 5.5 or later.  Also, attachments don't seem to work too well on many email servers. Thus this feature is experimental. It is know to work on GMail.  Stay tuned for improvements on this.

Fixed bug of form mail not working for HTML messages with PHP version 5.5 and later.

Fixed other various issues with extraneous messages while running in PHP version 5.5 and later.



Added backup and restore.

Converted hard-coded text to language file definitions in user management modules.

Added error highlighting to login page.



Added ability for admins to clear all custom CSS classes per style sheet or for the entire site to aid in resetting system to initial install conditions.



Speed increase and reliability improvement to preview page, preview border area, preview head, preview CSS and preview menu styles.

Implemented new preview page in Edit Custom CSS.

Modified preview views to switch to mobile view mode if mobile style sheet or mobile menu is being edited.

(Update includes SQL patch to add possible missing fields to preview CSS and CSS menu tables for older installations.)



Added refresh button at the top of the preview screen.  The preview also now resizes the iframe when resizing the window.  I suspect that you will find the preview to be extremely handy whereas it was useless before version 6.1.10.  Note that this window is used for editing pages, border areas, head content, CSS, and CSS and JS menu styles. It is not used for editing files.



Add comprehensive CSS length units to all pertinent fields under Edit CSS-Menu Parameters.

Replaced sort fields in Manage Gallery with up/down positioning arrows.

Added ability to assign which button group a plugin console button is found under.

Overhauled preview for Edit Styles, Edit CSS-Menu Styles and Edit JS-Menu Styles.

Upgraded save action in Edit CSS-Menu Parameters, Edit CSS-Menu StylesEdit JS-Menu Parameters and Edit JS-Menu Styles to AJAX.

Added filtering in Edit CSS-Menu Parameters and Edit CSS-Menu Styles to include only CSS menus in the menu selection.

Added lockout of display edit parameters or edit styles console if wrong menu type is selected for both CSS and JS menu parameter and style editors.

Fixed bug with users and power users not being able to see plugin console buttons that do not have an assigned access level.  (No access level assignment now defaults to user and above.



Fixed bug with preview page being broken for border areas and head content.  Bug introduced with dynamics page-template layout files in version 6.1.0.

Fixed bug with CSS preview not working.  Bug introduced with advances in mobile style sheet handling.

Fixed bug with menu styles preview not working. Bug introduced with addition of lettering spacing. If you want this feature, work on an existing Breeze installation, drop the menu_styles_preview table and copy the site_css table (structure only) to menu_styles_preview.

Note: As it stands, CSS preview and menu styles preview are not very useful. If they are not working in your installation, it is probably no big loss.  Stayed tuned for future upgrades for CSS and menu styles previews.



Added Manage Gallery console to provide more control over gallery attributes and make managing gallery images easier.



Fixed bug with copy page.  Bug was introduced in version 6.1.0.

Fixed bug with referrer check on login when server includes www. with referrer server var.



Fixed bug with page-template layout file bringing in some mobile style sheets in desktop mode and missing some mobile style sheets in mobile mode.  Note: Pages created with Breeze versions prior to 6.1.04 will need to have the page-template layout files refreshed to fix the bug.

Added tool for copying desktop style sheets to analogous mobile style sheets as starting point for creating mobile styles.  This feature is available in when logged in as admin.



Fixed bug with Manage Custom Border Areas not being able to update assignments on pages that did not utilize all of the border areas.

Fixed bugs with template deployment.

Revised page-template layout file to allow assignment of different menus to different border areas.  (Feature lost [but now restored] with change to adaptive page-template layout files.)



Added JavaScript error messaging to change password form plugin.

Upgraded Manage Custom Border Area and Mange Head Code consoles to AJAX applications.

Fixed bug with line height and letter spacing allowing decimal values with px or % units selected.

Fixed bug with #RRGGBB displaying in font-size units instead of initial.

Fixed bug with help link not working in dashboard.

Fixed bug of high password strength only being enforced to medium strength in account create and change password forms.

Consolidated modules.

Note: The following modules under the /manage/ folder are now obsolete and may be removed:


If your installation has been around for a very long time, you might have some of these obsolete files as well:


Leaving any of the files in place will not affect the operation of the Breeze.  They are merely taking up a little disk space.



Added back in style isolation to the basic page-template layout that was lost in the upgrade to the new adaptive page-template layout files.

Fixed bug with saving a JavaScript menu item and JavaScript items file not updating. (Clicking "Update All" was the workaround for this problem.)

Fixed bug with language define not taking effect.

Fixed bug with font directory not taking affect.



Added ability to set border areas header, top, left, right, bottom and footer as the default content for these areas, while allowing other border areas with different names to be assigned to the pages as custom content for these areas.  The comment string <!-- Page Content Divider --> can be used to split the custom content around the default content, or to have it placed entirely before or after the default content.

Added ability to set head content with the name head as the default content for the head, while allowing other heads with different names to be assigned to the pages as custom head content.

Added ability to change the page template layout without requiring the page template layout file refresh (done by copying a page onto itself with the Discard old page template and create new checkbox checked).

Added ability to set the name of the body_onload function in Manage Page Attributes.

Added ability to turn on or turn off the use of default head, header, top, left, right, bottom and footer content in Manage Page Attributes.

NOTE: This is a major revision. Although installing this update won't affect a currently deployed website and most of the editing remain the same, you will no longer be able to re-assign border areas or head content until the page-template layout files are refreshed. Nor will you be able to use the new features under Manage Page Attributes including changing template layout, setting body_onload function name, or turning on or off the use of default head, header, top, left, right, bottom and footer content until you refresh the page-template layout files. To refresh the page template layout file, copy a page onto itself with the Discard old page template and create new checkbox checked. Click here for more information.



Added HTML5 audio and video player plugins.

Added text-indent CSS attribute to CSS editor.

Changed behavior of border CSS generation in CSS editor to set border = none when border style is set to none, but border with is not set.

Added sub category of Audio and Video to plugin categories.

Changed order of margin boxes to follow clockwise convention of CSS in CSS editor. Top, right, bottom, left.

Modified formmail.php to return redirect fields on go-back.



Added body_onload field to plugins table to provide ability to specify this feature per plugin. Modified Create Page console and Install Plugin Into Page console to handle new field body_onload.

Fixed bug with adding new menus not going back to menu management console.

Cleaned up decimal vs. integer handling in menu parameter and style consoles.



Fixed bug with not being able to edit and save mobile menu items.

Fixed bug with menu not pulling up mobile menus and falling back to desktop menus on mobile devices even if mobile menu items exist.



Fixed bug with CSS menu parameter editor not retaining updates to mobile menus.

Fixed bug with CSS menu style editor not working with mobile menus.

Fixed bug with JS menu parameter editor not retaining updates to mobile menus.

Fixed bug with JS menu style editor not able to update any menu introduced when transparent background and X and Y overflow were added.



Added pre-populated JavaScript vars to page files for domain and http where domain is the domain of the website, i.e., and http is the protocol for the website, i.e. https or http.

Changed order of head load in page files to put built-page JavaScript first, then load inserted head code, then head content from head table record.

Modified Wizard setup modules to be compatible with new Wizard.



Fixed bug with copying files onto themselves to replace the page-layout template file where the border areas that were not is use would get "-na-" assigned to them instead of useful defaults such on "top", "left" etc.

Modified top_bottom_left_right_alt2 page-template layout to vertically align content area to top.



Upgraded image processing module to allow GIFs and PNGs to be resized and cropped in addition to JPEGs.

Removed deprecated ereg_replace function calls with preg_replace function calls in the copy/rename page module.



Fixed bug with copying page onto itself to refresh page layout template where work area would go blank if that page did not contain any plugins.

Added setting body margins to 0 upon clicking Load Browser Reset CSS.

Suppressed warning messages when clicking button to remove installation files.



Fixed bad bug where automatic installation picks new table prefix, then proceeds to change all instances of bwb_ including $bwb_ throughout the SQL rather than just `bwb_ to the new prefix. $bwb_ is found in some of the fields and is part of a pre-defined variable name rather than a table prefix.  Note: meta_tags_template, plugins and template tables, and any pages created in installations that were installed fresh with versions 6.0.4 thru 6.0.13 will be corrupted. Chances are anybody who has done this has quickly abandoned using the Breeze Website Builder™.  If not, you may contact us directly about repairing the installation at 216-274-1110.  Or you may simply re-install using the latest version of the Breeze. I apologize for wasting your time.  Somehow our one and only installation tester failed to actually try to view one of the test pages created, and all of our test sites use the stock bwb_ or <blank> for the table prefixes.  At any time that you see a problem, please let us know in the forums are through our contact page.



Made font folder configurable upon Breeze Website Builder™ installation.

Fixed bug with plugin styles getting set back to factory settings when creating page or adding a plugin to a page.



Added font-weight, font-style and font-stretch to custom fonts manager.



Added background transparent to CSS editor.

Added overflow-x and overflow-y to CSS editor.

Added custom font management tool.

Fixed bug with class editor not copying styles along with class to different style sheets.

Fixed bug with returning to CSS editor from class editor not retaining style sheet selection (caused by last update).

Fixed bugs in class editor where fields where not clearing after successful operations (caused by last update).

Added page title update to page editor, head editor, and file editor when using Save As function.

Fixed bug with dashboard not displaying one-click update (caused by last update).  Note: The one-click update in version 6.0.10 won't work, but you can running the semi-manual update.



Added style sheet switching to class editor.

Converted class editor from form-post application to JQuery/AJAX/JSON application.

Updated mouse position script to eliminate use of deprecated function.



Fixed bug with create page not continuing to edit page.  This gave the appearance that create page was failing entirely.  Problem caused by white-space character after PHP end tag in included PHP module causing header function to not process.



Created Run-SQL library and replaced all inline run-SQL functions through.  This fixed bug of plugin CSS SQL failing to populate table in some instances.



Corrected issues with unencrypted content being blocked when editing through an encrypted connection.

Updated document declaration throughout.



Fixed bug with one-click updater.

Added rename function to class editor.

Added ability to copy classes to other style sheets.

Added initial and inherit to position and display.

Fixed bug with sort order not being persistent in class editor.



Added Copy Class to class editor.

Fixed bug with top-only page file template being broken.



Fixed bug with CSS height value including two decimal points when px or % were selected.

Added one-click automatic update.  (This will be active in update after update to version 6.0.04.)

Added exception handling to install-folder cleanup routine.

Added randomized table prefix to installer.



Fixed bug with save page as or copy page not updating pagename_load function call with new page name.

Fixed bug with saving menu item displaying "no record found" message if any of the menus have no items.



Fixed bug where menu item gets blanked out when adding a new menu item, then adding another new menu item without saving the previously added menu item.



Added font size units to Edit CSS-Menu Styles module which also fixes problem with menu font sizes not taking effect.

Added font size units to Edit JS-Menu Styles module.



SPECIAL NOTE: Because the SQL engine file gets updated before the update module is refreshed, the SQL commands will not execute on the first attempt to run an automatic update.  The solution is simply to run the update a second time.

Added multi-language capability in Breeze Website Builder™ via language definition files.

Added ability to create and select different themes for Breeze Website Builder™.

Added mobile menu handling for creating sites that can be viewed on mobile devices.

Fixed issue with installer not saving email address.



Replaced deprecated ereg function calls in email checking routines with filter_var function.



Fixed bug with copying pages that was introduced with adding body onload hook into page template files.



Upgraded JavaScript Menu Styles Editor to work with new styles that have been added over last few months.  This module had ceased working due to these other updates.



Upgraded Edit CSS Menu Styles from deprecated font-stretch to letter-spacing which also fixed it from not working at all due to prior upgrade of CSS Editor.

Fixed bug in CSS Editor with letter-spacing not always enabling correctly on load.

Fixed bug with preview menu failing.



Fixed bug in Revise Schedule with delete breaking when event description includes line break.

Added mouse pointer on hover to image buttons in Edit Menus.



Added context-relevant meta titles in browser tab to aid in quickly finding session when running Breeze Website Builder™ in multiple tabs.



Added scrolling of page options and page attributes div on Edit Content and Manage Page Attributes consoles.

Added page layout template image swap on mouse-over in Create Page module.



Added visibility to CSS editor.

Added length units to border in CSS editor.

Added length units to all paddings in CSS editor.

Increased offering of length units to full offering for all other existing styles that have length attribute. Note: If you have used inherit for line-height or letter-spacing, you will need to re-apply your styles to the affected classes.

Added initial attribute to all styles where applicable in CSS editor.

Added page_onload bit to page data table and to all page template layouts to provide access to body onLoad.  When this bit is set to 1, the page will call an xxx_load function where xxx is the name of your page.

Added class selector operator to class editor to provide addition operators beyond a simple space concatenator.  Additional operators are , + > and ~

Added comprehensive range of selectors previously missing from class editor.

Added console for changing page attributes.  These attributes include use_table_structure, use_table_structure_mobile, disable_site_styles and body_onload.  For more information on page attributes, go to

Added option to sort classes in class editor alphabetically.



Fixed bug of selecting option from dropdown list clearing all unsaved options in Change Site Options console.

Converted Change Site Options console save operation to AJAX post to eliminate screen refreshing to top of window.

Added support for reCAPTCHA API version 2. Note: If upgrading, you will need to modify /connect/captchakeys.php to include the new keys.  Look at captchakeys_dist.php to see the new entries. If you want to use reCAPTCHA API version 2, you need to change the value of the hidden field captcha_type to recaptcha2. Got to for more information about reCAPTCHA API version 2.

Modified handling of style sheets is page layout files to allow for additional style sheets (beyond site_moblie.css) for mobile devices.  Note: Any style sheet of the name *****_mobile.css will be considered mobile.  Update also gracefully downgrades to regular css if no corresponding mobile file exists.

Removed duplicate references to CAPTCHA includes and CAPTCHA keys in page layout files under some circumstances.

Added re-populate Email Confirm fields on error as long as error is not email blank or email and email confirm not match.



Fixed bug with Save As not working when editing page content.

Added handling of use_table_structure and use_table_structure_mobile tags when copying pages.

Fixed bug with See Site button not updating to new file after using Save As when editing page content.



NOTE: This update contains a lot of files, thus the automatic update may not complete.  If that happens, try increasing the max upload file size and max execution time for your PHP.  An example of some parameters that might work in a .htaccess file located in your /manage folder are:

php_value upload_max_filesize 20M
php_value post_max_size 64M
php_value file_uploads 2
php_value memory_limit 256M
php_value max_execution_time 3600
php_value max_input_time 1800

Alternatively, you can perform a manual update. See Upgrade Instructions for more information.

Upgraded CKEditor from version 4.4.5 to version 4.4.6.

Modified Create Page and Install Plugin Into Page console to generate CSS file if plugin includes CSS and has not yet been deployed.  Previously, it was necessary to go into the CSS editor for the plugin CSS and save any class to create the file even though the default styles were already loaded into that plugin's CSS table.

Added theme selection for editor source code view under Change Site Options.

Added upload moving GIF to Upload Update and Upload Plugin consoles. (1/24/2015)

Fixed bug of editor freezing up when running editors in more than one session.

Fixed typos in error messages. (1/24/2015)

Fixed CSS code colorization broke on 1/24/2015. (1/24/2015)



Fixed bug of single-quote in content preventing copying of pages to new page.

Added anti-lockup scripts to all PAGE MANAGEMENT consoles to prevent residual not-saved flag from locking up Breeze Website Builder™.

Added empty window-resize scripts to all PAGE MANAGEMENT consoles to prevent Breeze Website Builder™ locking up due to this missing function.



Made user-access login/logout links customizable through the site options console.

Added dropdown sort field to site option table. Fixed site options console to sort according to sort fields.  sort_order now defines sort of options and dropdown_sort_order defines sort order of select options within dropdown list within a particular option.



Replaced deprecated font-stretch with letter-spacing in CSS editor.

Added normal and initial attributes to line-height in CSS editor.  (Normal was actually -not selected-)

Added update-record capability to mail-form processor.  New hidden fields for turning on this capability are update_record and update_record_key. See the help documentation for more information.

Added reference to empty acct_mgmt_custom.js file in page layout files when page requires user to be logged in and user is not logged in.  This file provides a hook for developers to add custom JavaScript for controlling the behavior of login functions.

Added retention of custom head and border area assignments for copy with template layout refresh in Copy or Rename Page.

Improved user interface in Copy or Rename Page.

Added NEW SESSION button to top of Breeze Website Builder™ for power users and admin users to open new tabs of the Breeze in your browser.

Set default table in create account and login forms to accounts, and in contact form to contacts.

Added plugin-styles-reset lockout when deploying a plugin for the first time that shares a style sheet with at least one other plugin that has already been deployed.

Added close button to help list in Edit Content and Create Page.

Fixed bug with single quotes in plugin HTML causing Delete Page.

Increased font size of page/head/border area/file name in bottom button bar of editors.

Fixed bug with sliver of LOGOUT button showing with collapsed header.



Fixed bug with singles quotes doubling up when used in plugin border area or content HTML.



Fixed bug with URL encoded spaces ( %20 ) showing up in forms after returning from form processor with error.



Fixed and improved password reset error handling on login form.

Fixed problem with all CAPTCHA rows showing in mail form and account create form.

Note: acct_mgmt.js module has hook in it to run code for doing special things when ShowPasswordReset() is run. If you are using account management functions or your site, you will need to add the following to the head code for your login page:

function OnShowPasswordReset()



Fixed bug with single quotes in plugin content preventing new pages from loading in editor.

Fixed bug with single quotes in content prevent restore of old revisions.

Replaced deprecated eregi with preg_match in several modules.



Improved user interface to Create Page console.



Added button to CSS editor for creating browser reset CSS.

Fixed bug with formmail.php module not being able to create tables on servers running MySQL 5.1 or later.



Added ability to create :hover classes is the class editor.

Modified selection of background images in CSS editor to look into sub folders one level deep (not including tn or gallery folders).

Modified background previews in CSS editor to use actual image if no thumbnail exists.

Fixed bug in mange border areas where Open in Source View checkbox would not work unless first used in selecting page to edit.



Fixed bug where workspace would not show horizontal scrollbars when content inside exceeded size of workspace.



Modified style list generator for styles list in page editor (WYSIWYG view) to only include active classes.



Added popup yes/no confirmation requirement for all Revert buttons.

Added Save As button to edit border areas console.

Added Save As button to edit head console.

Added Open in Source View checkbox to edit border area console.

Revised restore page console to display page content or page code in popups via clicking Show Content and Show Code buttons.

Added pruning of backup files created during direct editing of files and pruning of preview files.

Fixed bug of custom-named border area assignments not moving with renaming of pages or copying pages (without page template refresh).



Added direct file editing capability for pages, included page scripts, and stand-alone modules. NOTE: Must be admin access level to use.  This feature is intended for experienced web developers and programmers only.  You can delete or corrupt core scripts and modules with this tool. Please use with care.

Added ability to delete pages, head code, border areas, blogs and files directly from within the editor consoles.



Enhanced CAPTCHA responses.



Fixed bug with plugins not being selectable for most Breeze configurations that was introduced in version 5.4.0 with create page overhaul.



Added storage of email, and first and last names with Breeze user accounts. Added "Forgot your password?" link to Breeze login page that displays reset password form with CAPTCHA.

Improved page backup frequency.

Note: This update does not seem to install using the automatic update console. This is probably due to the larger file size of this update due to the included CAPTCHA images.  If this is the case for you, just unzip the files and FTP them to the server.  Then run the SQL in the run SQL console.



Updated page layout templates to be W3C compliant and to fix bug in JavaScript is_mobile var.

Updated menu_gen.php to be W3C compliant.



Added dynamic resizing of workspace and editor area upon resizing of browser window.

Fixed styling issue causing unwanted scrollbars.

Added HTML tags to site classes.



Revamped edit custom CSS and edit head content consoles with CKeditor™ using source view.

Added editor options on select page-to-edit console for starting editor in source view and turning site styles on or off in editor.



Revamped Create Page module to make it user friendly.

Added plugin categories for grouping plugins by function to make it easier to find the correct plugin.

Added mobile style sheets.

Added mobile-device detection as integral part of page layout templates.

Added flags to turn on or off the use of the table structures in the pages for either office or mobile devices individually.

Added disabling of site styling within the page editor as a switch inherited from plugins to facilitate working on pages that are not meant to inherit the site styles.  This is particularly useful for editing HTML-message pages that are sent as emails.

Fixed bug with creating a page with the name "zzz" being broken.



Upgraded CKEditor from version 4.0.2 to version 4.4.5. Note: You will need to refresh the page editor window (possible several times) to bring in the new toolbar image and JavaScript files.

Improved sensing of changes to pages for correctly flagging when page is or is not saved upon exiting page editor.

Added letter spacing within page editor.

Added zoom within page editor.

Added conditional switching for HTML return message pages used by forms.  For more information, click here.

Overhauled user login pages including login, change password, account create and contact forms.

Upgraded page template files to work with user login pages upgrade.

Applied sort order of CSS classes to build of CSS file.

Added updating of CSS file upon deleting classes.

Changed name of style set for CKEditor from eb_styles to bwb_styles.  Note: You will need to go into the CSS editor, select any class, and click Update.

Note: The skin for CodeMirrow in source view may require clearing your browser cache to display properly. In many instances it will appear all white text on a deep blue background.  The correct display will colorize the text based on function.  rubyblue has been selected as the default CodeMirror skin for the Breeze.

Fixed bug with robots.txt file missing slash ( / )



Added button for creating/refreshing sitemap.xlm and robots.txt files.

Security patch with user page access.



Added switch redirect_err_to_src for all mail forms to redirect errors back to the referring form with error code as an option.  Click here for more information.

Added switch user_defined_placeholders to allow web master to assign custom placeholders to fields for personalizing HTML emails that are sent to users filling out forms. Click here for more information.



Added ability to set site title which is appended to page title.  If page title is not set, the title of page becomes default page title with no site title appended.

Fixed configurable session directory for cases where server will not keep session directory setting persistent.

Added switchable sorting of classes between user-set sorting and alpha sorting.



Added search engine friendly (SEF) URLs.  You can turn this feature on in config file and un-commenting Apache mod-rewrite lines in .htaccess file.

Added modal login/logout menu with create/my account links for user access pages. These links can be turned on or off for any page using the Manage Page Access console and modally switch from Create Account --- Login to My Account --- Logout based on whether or not the user is logged in.

Added configurable session directory for servers where the session folder is unspecified.

Fixed bug with delete file not working under some circumstances.

Improved CSS file pruning routine.

Note: If you are not currently using a mail contact form or user access pages, you may want to prune the mail form classes table.  (Note: The mail form classes table may not exist if you have never setup a mail form or any of the user access page plugins (account create, login, etc.))  To prune this table, simple run the SQL below from the Run SQL console.

DELETE FROM `bwb_mail_form_classes` WHERE `class` = '#logout_submit_btn';
DELETE FROM `bwb_mail_form_classes` WHERE `class` = '#login_submit_btn';
DELETE FROM `bwb_mail_form_classes` WHERE `class` = '#reset_pass_submit_btn';
DELETE FROM `bwb_mail_form_classes` WHERE `class` = '#generate_pass_submit_btn';
DELETE FROM `bwb_mail_form_classes` WHERE `class` = '#create_acct_submit_btn';
DELETE FROM `bwb_mail_form_classes` WHERE `class` = '.submit_btn';
DELETE FROM `bwb_mail_form_classes` WHERE `class` = '#logout';
DELETE FROM `bwb_mail_form_classes` WHERE `class` = '#form_submit_btn';
DELETE FROM `bwb_mail_form_classes` WHERE `class` = '.submit_btn_div';
DELETE FROM `bwb_mail_form_classes` WHERE `class` = '.submit_btn_txt';
DELETE FROM `bwb_mail_form_classes` WHERE `class` = '#logout';



Upgraded CSS and head content editors to AJAX save operations.

Added server information page for admin users.

Fixed bug with revert in edit page not updating editor window to show reverted page version.

(To flush cache of old JavaScript files, right-click and bottom of work area, select This Frame, then Reload Frame. Do this in page editor, head content editor, and custom CSS editor.)



Isolated user login sessions for login-required pages from Breeze management login sessions.

NOTE: If your are using restricted pages with user accounts on your website, you will need to refresh all of your page-template files by copying the files onto themselves with the Discard old page template and create new checkbox checked.



Added relevant context-sensitive plugin help list in Edit Content based on plugins that are installed on page being edited.

Replaced deprecated PHP functions split with explode, and ereg_replace with preg_replace.

Fixed bug with page templates having incorrect path to copyright file when setting both site folder and page folder to non blank.

Added escaping of single quotes in plugin SQL for HTML areas.



Added ability to specify target for linked items in calendar and events grid.

Added ability to specify which fields are to be ignored on mail forms when collecting data to be stored in database table.



Fixed bug of news not showing in dashboard and filemanager not working if running with SSL unless content is manually unblocked by right-clicking on the site information icon in the browser.



Added ability to provide plugin-console-button access to restricted and blogger users



Added ability to install plugins into existing pages.

Added top, bottom, left and right areas as possible insertion points for plugins to add both server-side and client-side code. Also added help file path to plugin definition for future use.

Note: Template layout files have been modified to allow for installing plugins into existing pages.  Not all plugins will install correctly on pages created with versions of the Breeze Website Builder older than 5.1.0.  You can refresh the page templates using the copy/rename page utility.  Check the help documentation on how to do this.

You may now also install more than one plugin per page by using the new Install Plugin Into Page console. Note: Not all plugins may be compatible with each other.  Doing so may require further code editing to fix issues caused by combining more than one plugin in a page. At a later time we may provide a compatibility matrix between different plugins in our documentation.



Fixed bugs with line height units flipping back to normal and font stretch not populating correctly in styles editor.



Fixed bug of buttons locking up from time to time.



Added "AJAX" image uploader to style sheet editor.

Fixed bug with create page duplicating head1, header1 and/or footer1 when custom user-friendly border area names are used in conjunction with plugins.

Fixed bug with Simple Slide Show width bouncing around when centered on a page.

Fixed bug with Horizontal Scrolling Slideshow set as deployed after initial installation of the Breeze Website Builder.

Fixed bug with top_left layout template.



Added valid input helper to borders and line height in styles editor.



Fixed bug with quick setup buttons for centering the site and for setting up sticky footers which was introduced when converting save operation from form post to AJAX.

Fixed bug with creating classes using single-quotes in the description not creating.

Added color tinting to group tables in styles editor to facilitate easier locating of attributes.

Fixed bug with preview JavaScript menu return inserting main menu in workspace.

Removed built-in classes for border areas from default install.  Styling can be accomplished through border IDs, thus removing classes reduces number of classes/IDs to wade through when working with styles.

Added all HTML table elements to built-in class offering as well as blockquote.

Modified Breeze copyright to become invisible if window width is to narrow to avoid having copyright over content.

Fixed info link on dashboard.



Modified all mail forms and account creation forms to use recipient email address in database if present in place of hidden field on form.



Fixed bug with renaming or copying index file (home page) producing corrupt file.  Note: The mechanism that caused this bug could conceivably occur with renaming pages with other names if those names are found inside of the page files.

Enhanced upgrade notice on dashboard to provide link to upgrade upload module if logged in as administrator.



Added background-size styles to CSS editor.

Fixed bug with custom CSS styles not saving and added preview mode.

Fixed broken SQL file in versions 5.0.08 and 5.0.09 full-install downloads.



Fixed bug with upload image in CSS editor not working.

Fixed bug with preview CSS not working.



Fixed bug with saved flag not getting set after saving a page.

Added cursor to CSS editor.

Added previous, next, pause and resume navigation to horizontal scrolling slideshow plugin.  These items are invisible by default.

Note:  The SQL might not update on your site.  If the Breeze version does not change, extract the files and run the upgrade.sql file in your MySQL interface.



Added ability to change style sheet from within CSS editor.

Added hooks for button down states (menu item down) to menu classes.  Look for .top_level_down[menu#], .sub_level_1_down[menu#] and .sub_level_2_down[menu#], i.e. .top_level_down1 for the first menu.

Added Helvetica Neue to font list as non-web-safe font.



Restored "not-saved" warning from version 4.5 that was removed for version 5.0.0.

Added handling of session timeouts by gracefully prompting user to log back in.



Fixed bug with Assign Border Area to Page not working.

Fixed bug with Assign Menu to Border Area not working some of the time.

Added popup message to provide feedback to user to both Assign Menu to Border Area and Assign Border Area to Page.



Broke out positioning for CSS menu parameters as manual settings and added field highlighting to suggest which fields should be filled in or selected for each of the different menu locations.

Fixed bug with system update wizard.



Added update feature to automate the process of applying updates to the system.

Added admin password verification to both Install Plugin and new Install Update.

Setup both Install Plugin and new Install Update to allow for the following file types:




Added auto-update of main menu without manual page reload for certain functions that would cause buttons to change.



Complete graphics overhaul to look and feel of Breeze Website Builder™ with improved navigation for more intuitive feel.

Added install wizard for easy deployment of Breeze including easy install-file delete.

Added version checking against latest release with download link.



Added ability to specify header content (in content area) above blogs such that new blogs go below blog preamble.  Click here for details.



Fixed bug with saving blogs.

Converted popups in main menu to utilize popup message class.

Changed style of popup messages.



Added opacity to CSS menu styling and fixed bug with CCS menus not being visible due to opacity being set to 0 instead of -1 in menu CSS table under certain scenarios.



Note: If you downloaded the full install before 7/18/2013, the SQL file had errors preventing the creation of the CSS tables.  You will need to download the corrected install file and run the SQL file to create the missing tables.  The system will not work very well at all without these tables.

Added ability to supply meaningful names to multiple border areas and head code.

Added separately specifiable text alignment between top level and sub level menu items for CSS menus.

Replaced all popup messages with popup message class to unify look throughout system.



Added HTML tag class html to site classes.

Added CSS clear and min and max prefixes to CSS width and height to styles editor.

Added quick sticky-footer setup button to styles editor.



Added HTML 5 tag classes footer and header to site classes and modified layout templates accordingly.



Added CSS3 border radius, CSS3 box shadow, and capability to set up to 3 fonts per style in the style sheet editor.

Added CSS3 box shadow, individual left, right, top, bottom padding, and sub menu item height to JavaScript menu parameters and style editors.

Fixed bug with creating new menus.

Added some input error checking to JavaScript menu parameter and style editors.



Fixed bug with ampersand & causing problems with menu URLs.



Added header area at very top of body before top section, and footer area to very bottom of body after bottom section.  These new areas have also been added to the plugin model such that both server-side and client-side code can be inserted to these areas thru plugins.  Also, having the footer allows you to easily create a bottom section that sits on the bottom of the browser window independent of content height.



Fixed bug with horizontal scrolling slideshow not installing properly.



Fixed bugs introduced in version 4.0 with database connection overhaul causing Wizard templates to not install correctly.



Added install tool for plugins.

Fixed bug in schedule editor of not being able to lookup users from access-list table that was introduced by adding paging to user listing in page access module.  Improved event messaging.



Fixed bug of JavaScript getting deleted along with red tutorial comments for the plugins that had JavaScript immediately following the tutorial comments.



Fixed bug of head code editor not coming up if double quotes were embedded in HTML.

Fixed bug of rename operation not returning to main menu.

Security enhancements.



Fixed bug with optimize/reset image size.

Adjusted layout of main menu for IE 8 and IE 7.



Upgraded CKEditor to version 4. Page edit has been completely overhauled to provide a more seamless experience.  All operations are JQuery posts which eliminate page refreshing completely.

Editor also includes much better code view with colorization, code highlighting and tag auto-complete.

Editor now has "Save As" button.

Main menu has been re-arranged to help you locate the right tool faster.

Version 4 of the Breeze Website Builder™ is PHP 5.5 ready.

Note for upgrading: The version 4 uses the PDO PHP library rather than the deprecated mysql PHP library.  Thus, there is a new connector that you will need to copy and paste your database credentials into in order to get the Breeze Website Builder™ to work.  Your website will continue to work fine, but at some point you may want to consider upgrading your pages to the new format as the old pages will cease to work in the event that your web server is upgraded to PHP 5.5.  For more information click here.



Added quick-create of all sub domains necessary for setting up sub-classed hyperlinks.

Added paging for "Approve Access to Users" table under "Manage Page Access" to facilitate handling large number of users.

Added checkbox on login screen to allow saving of password.  Saving password in browser after previous security update would store incorrect string in browser, thus browser message about updating password was misleading in that it would never work.

Enhanced horizontal scrolling slideshow slightly such that previous, next, pause and resume buttons could be added if desired.  (This is not yet in the help documentation.  Contact me if you desire to implement this feature now.)

Navigation improvements to style sheet and class editor consoles.



Fixed bug with colorpicker throwing warning.

Fixed but with formmailer not sending email on some servers.



Replaced deprecated function calls to make BWB compatible with PHP version 5.4.

Added ability to enforce password length or strength with hidden values in account create forms.



Added JavaScript vars for first name, last name and email to page layout templates if user is logged in to provide ability to display these things on page if so desired.



Added ability to style system messages from form mailer and user login pages.

Fixed bug in IE where popup messages were appearing above the screen on management pages that could be scrolled greater than one page.

Fixed bug in schedule editor that was introduced with individualized calendering.



Added mail form with reCAPTCHA plugin and account create form with reCAPTCHA plugin.

Extended security enhancements to web-user login pages.



Security enhancements.



Add retention of colors when going back into color picker throughout.



Revamped plugins to include ability to provide custom CSS for your plugin, as well as a modal button to access a special console you created for your plugin, and to automatically install any custom tables upon deployment.

Added horizontal scrolling gallery plugin.



Completely revamped the page preview so it is actually very useful.

Included captcha files inadvertently omitted is last release.

Fixed bugs with saving from preview mode with blogging.



Added web-user login pages with account creation form, login form/password reset with captcha and password change form, and page access and user management console.

Added custom/personalized event assignment for events grids and calendars.  May be used with web-user login pages to control access to personalized calendars.

Added blogging.

Restored functionality to page preview after it had been lost due to template layout updates.



Made database link identifiers Breeze Website Builder specific to isolate from other databases to facilitate adding plugins to other systems in the future.  Note: Upgrading from older versions to this version requires manual editing of the db_connection.php and db_connection_2.php files in the connect folder.  To find out more about this, click here.



Removed Zen Shopping Cart as a plugin and replaced functionality with modified Zen Cart default template that utilizes top and bottom border areas from Breeze Website Builder.  To use, simply set your menu item link to /shoppingcart/

Modified layout templates to be slightly more efficient and to not require replacement if the BWB_BASE_DIR and BWB_WEBSITE_DIR folders are changed in the config file.



Added ability to change descriptions to CSS classes.



Fixed bug in schedule editor where configuration is setup to have web pages at webroot level and new events don't have list of pages that they could be linked to.

Fixed bug of form mailer not being able to find HTML message page if table prefix is anything other than blank.

Fixed bug where configuration is setup to have web pages at webroot level and home page (index.php)  can't be created until site forwarder (stock index.php at webroot) is manually deleted using an FTP program.

Special note: If you have changed your config file to use different folders than the stock installation and the favicon upload does not seem to be working, it is because older versions of the BWB provide stock head code WITH a default favicon link already existing.  To fix the problem, merely correct the favicon link in the head to match your changes or simply delete the reference and re-upload your favicon.



Updated all plugins to work automatically with folder locations as defined in config.php file rather than just default locations.  In some cases, plugins would not work for non-default locations unless page template file was actually downloaded and modified manually.



Fixed minor flaw in top_bottom_left_right_alt layout.



Added handling of custom image folder location for background images and list images. This was inadvertently overlooked when developing version 2.0.0 of Breeze Website Builder.



Fixed bug where link:active entries would not automatically be created for menux_item_classes if table prefix was not blank.  (Inclusion of table prefix was missed for this SQL statement in upgrade to version 2.0.0.)



Added customizable folder locations for website, images, Flash, media, CSS, and scripts.  Now you can build your website right at the webroot.  Note: Images, Flash, media, CSS and scripts cannot be located at webroot, but you can name the folders anything you want.  See the installation documentation for more information.  Also note: If folders are changed from the default locations, template will need adjusting after installation to get them to work correctly.

Added prefixing to table names.  Default is bwb_, but you may change this to anything you want. See the installation documentation for more information.

Added capability to place content both before and after documentation PHP plugins.  See help documentation on plugins for more information.

Fixed pesky bug of paragraph being added to bottom of HTML thus breaking table structures by updated version of CKEditor.

Fixed bugs with adding new menu items and proper display of indents in menu items editor.


Special instructions for upgrading from 1.3.02 to 2.0.0:  The new menu generator uses a new file which will not be referenced in your old pages, thus you will see an error where your menus would normally be.  To fix this, you need to refresh your webpage template files.  Fortunately, this is easy to do and usually only takes 1/2 hour. For more information see the upgrade instructions.



Added selection for expanding and collapsing sub menus.  Before, sub menus always expanded and collapsed by default.  Starting with this version, one may choose to have sub menus display always expanded.  Default is to have sub menus collapse and expand as before.



Fixed bug of no database link when copying page under one scenario: Copy page to new name, but use current default template to create page rather than copying page.

Added nice features to form mailer for data capturing.  See Breeze Website Builder manual to find out more.



Added draft mode to page editor.  The Save Page button has been replaced with three new buttons: Save, Publish, and Revert. The old Save Page functionality is now carried out by Publish button.  The Save button now stores a draft of the page.  Page edits will not appear on the site until Publish is clicked.  Revert deletes the draft of the page reverting it to the last published page.  The Clear Content button has been renamed to Clear.

CKEditor version 3.6 introduced a new bug making it difficult to start typing in text for new pages.  Default text has been added for new pages to make it easier to start typing into new pages.



Upgraded CKEditor from version 3.4 to version 3.6.

Added use of all style sheets (not just site.css) in CKEditor view.

Modified startup folder browsing to KFM to have links go to userfiles/file/, images go to userfiles/image, and Flash go to userfiles/flash.

Increased max image size in KFM from 1024x768 to 3000x3000, large enough to accommodate most photos directly from digital cameras.  While it is not recommended that such large photos are uploaded, it is now up to the webmaster using the Breeze Website Builder to resize the photos to a more practical size from within KFM.

1.2.02 Fixed bug with overwriting page data with blank when returning from preview via selecting "Discard go back to editor".  
1.2.01 Added ability to allow or disallow use of file manager to restricted users.  


Upload template file has been added.  Non-subscription users may now purchase and download templates for installation into the Breeze Website Builder.

The ability to make site go live or put under construction with a few mouse clicks has been added.

Menu item text can now handle other characters besides just letters and numbers, i.e. $, &, %.

Fixed bug in schedule editor where Activate/Deactivate checkbox had no effect. Bug was introduced when schedule editor was retrofitted with AJAX.

A bug where the SQL patch could choke on some updates has been fixed. Fixed bug with reference CKFinder causing editor to produce error.  Our apologies about this over site.  Our test site still had the ckfinder folder on it which hid this problem from our testing.  We have a small staff and sometimes miss things while testing.  If you find issues, we welcome your feedback. Fixed bug with JavaScript menu code being added to border area regardless of menu type being assigned.  Note: The JavaScript menu code won't cause any problems, but we want the code to be as clean as possible for SEO. Added a few minor notations to aid new users.  


Fixed bug with popup calendar not working in schedule editor while using Internet Explorer. 

Fix bug of move menu item and add menu item not working while using Internet Explorer.  (Saves changes upon moving menu items in IE whereas it does not in other browsers.  This is an interim fix to compensate for IE's differences in JavaScript from all other major browsers.  Also need to update after inserting menu item in IE to refresh button view.)

Added sorting of events in schedule editor. 

Added checking of hex color-code string throughout.

1.1.01 Added filtering by page name to restore page.  Added alphabetical sort to background image lists in CSS editor.  
1.1.0 Overhauled JavaScript menu system to allow multiple JavaScript menu, improve natural searches, and provide for future upgrades.  
1.0.0 Official Release