OpenCart Catalog Page Plugin

Build your OpenCart catalog pages in the Breeze Website Builder™!  If you have ever tried to customize the OpenCart and an OpenCart template, you will know how difficult this is.  Certainly not a task for a novice website developer.  Now you can use the Breeze Website Builder™ to build your catalog pages while using the powerful highly acclaimed OpenCart.  You will need to download a copy of the OpenCart to use this plugin.  Get this plugin for only $95 today and save yourself countless hours of hacking PHP template files!



Responsive Image Generator Plugin

Responsive Image Generator Console


Responsive Page - Desktop View


Responsive Page - Mobile View


Easily generate a collection of images and responsive image HTML to make you images responsive to all devices while optimizing page loading times to increase natural search indexing. This plugin is a MUST HAVE for anybody serious about have a website that will look good on desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone!  Get this plugin for only $45 today and save yourself countless hours of processing images, typing picture tag source lines and testing!



Portfolio Page and Partner-Links Page Plugins

Build a slick portfolio for your websites or your paintings in minutes with the Portfolio Page plugin. Or build a link page for your partners/customers with the Partner-Links Page plugin. Or build both with for the same price. Both of these plugins are managed with the same user-friendly console included in this package.   Get both of these plugins today for only $25!



MailChimp® Newsletter Signup Form

Add a MailChimp® newsletter signup form to the right column of your website in just a few clicks.  Includes easy setup and manage console to set the connection to your MailChimp™ account, and manage your lists and merge tags that your form will use. Get this plugin for only $39 today!


Contact us about automating your newsletters to pull content off of your website and send to segments of your mailing list based on subscriber preferences and demographics.



Menu Breadcrumbs Generator

Add an elegant breadcrumb band to your website. Breadcrumbs are generated based on your main menu. Band also includes current page and is easily styled in the Breeze Website Builder™ CSS editor. Get yourn now for only $5!





SugarCRM™ Leads Generation Form Plugin

Tired of copying the leads from your website into SugarCRM™ manually?  Harvest leads from your website directly into SugarCRM™!  Get this handy contact form, customize to show the fields you want, setup the connection to SugarCRM™, and sit back and enjoy as your leads table grows from your website contacts.  It is that easy. 

Form includes reCAPTCHA™ validation which can be removed if desired.  Remove any unwanted fields and add any custom fields you have in your leads. Set any combination of fields as required fields to be filled in.  Includes easy SugarCRM™ connection setup tool.  SugarCRM™ connection does not require database credentials. Host address and the login information for a user account in SugarCRM™ is all that is required to setup connection.  Get this plugin for only $39 today!


For more information about the installation and setup of this plugin click here.
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Sugar CRM Lead Collection Form



Zen Cart Art Gallery and Inventory Management Plugin

Need to sell your art?  Get this plugin and use the Zen Shopping Cart™ along with the Breeze Website Builder™ to automatically build art gallery pages and manage your art inventory. Includes management and gallery filtering by categories and artists, as well of easy custom thumbnail creation that lets you artistically zoom in on selected areas of your art to create intriguing thumbnails that grab your customer's attention. Get this plugin for only $29 today!



Plugin SDK Plugin

Looking to build your own plugin? It turns out the the plugin SDK is a plugin into itself. Build your own plugins for creating web apps, or to have plugins to sell to other Breeze Website Builder™ users. You can have your plugin up for sale right here on this page!

Click HERE to get the Plugin SDK for FREE!!!